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Originally Posted by bamaboy473 View Post
Here's what it says about Sweet Home:

Alabama has a strangely restrictive alcohol regime, with the second-highest beer taxes and highest spirits taxes in the country.

In addition, Alabama’s marijuana laws are unusually punitive: A three-year mandatory minimum sentence exists for all marijuana cultivation or sale convictions, by far the highest in the country, and the maximum sentence for a single cultivation or sale conviction is life in prison.

Furthermore, Alabama’s court system is one of the worst in the country according to the Chamber of Commerce survey

Heck, I might as well move to Haiti and get free...........
Or move to AZ and down just a couple notches? My brother's in Huntsville and I thought I was going to end up like a man in a round room looking for a corner to piss in when I went out trying to find a bottle of booze. Hell, at least many Circle K's and any grocery store here sells booze. According to my brother (who's as full of crap as anybody), he said they didn't want to encourage the trailer park trash to sit around and drink all damn day!

All those tough drug laws don't seem to stop the meth heads that live in the trailer down the hill from his house, either. He's always bitchin' about them!
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