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Originally Posted by Dulcecita Lures View Post
Hmmm. I'm surprised we're middle of the pack. We've got the most liberal gun laws in the country. We must suck in other areas!

You gotta click on a state and read. For AZ:

Freedom Rankings

  • #22 Overall
  • #22 Economic
  • #25 Personal


Arizona is decent on both economic (#22) and personal (#26) freedom, ending up at number 22 overall, but dropping nine places from 2007. The state does particularly well on gun laws, alcohol regulations and taxes, home- and private-school regulations, labor laws, and its liability system, but it has changed dramatically for the worse in government spending, smoking bans, the taking of DNA from some felony arrestees without a conviction, and employer verification of legal-resident status. As of this writing, Arizona’s “clean elections” law is under judicial review. Although of course not appearing in our index, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s antics have attracted unfavorable nationwide attention.36 Also not covered by the period of our index is the controversial stop and-identify law.
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