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Originally Posted by Seacat FL View Post
Making quite a leap there aren't we?

A red light camera on a pole operated by my City has nothing at all in common with an onboard monitoring system.

What do you have to hide when it comes to running a red light? It is a public act on a public right of way in plain view of everyone. You have no expectation of privacy at all in that situation.
Your missing the point. Red light cameras could just be the beginning. It is a slippery slope of the government intervening on your life when not needed. Someone said in a post about the on board monitoring system being a leap, but why? You would still be violating the law in a public area, and according to your logic, it would be OK for the government to fine you because hey, you don't have a right to speed either. The on board system just makes their job a bit easier, like red light cameras.

Again, if you get caught by a real person, take your medicine and accept it. We don't need to keep giving up our civil liberties and turn this nation into a police state.