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Watching traffic behaviors over the years is something I subconciously do and make note of trends. In the early 90's around here it was fashionable for youth to drive with their lights off well past dark. The implication was to elict a flash from an oncoming car. The twist was that if you did that, you were disrespecting their decision to drive that way.

Also recently legally passing another vehicle was a sign of disrespect for the slower driver. I personally witnessed after I passed a slower vehicel, that same vehicle, over take and pass me in a no passing zone, and then slow back down to their previous slow speed.

Another fad was two vehicles traveling thru a stop sign controlled intersection at the same time, piggyback fashion.

Now it's stretching the amber/red light at intersections. And the funny thing is that green, amber, red has been around probably for a hundred years. Everyone knows the drill and has plenty of time to stop without causing accident. That is if they are even looking.

No one begrudges a car exiting an intersection that gets caught exiting under a red light. The issue is a car ENTERING an intersection after the the light is red. People are starting to cross the intersection on foot and depend that the vehicles will stop. Lately I see people with plenty of forewarning, drive right thru an intersection under red, without even a thought to stopping.

That behavior needs to be changed or it will really become epidemic.

There is no punishment enough for someone who willfully ignores red light and causes an accident