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Originally Posted by ABoater View Post
No. Not for traffic infractions. For example, speeding (reckless driving aside).

Citations result in fines and points on your driving record (traffic school and community service might be offered in lieu of fines and points).

A recent law for juveniles (probationary driver's license) is a little twist on the matter, but the cites are still infractions. It's just that the juvenile can have their license yanked until they are an adult.
That is good info.

But--I still don't like red light cameras because I believe it is purely for revenue as oppossed to safety and traffic control. If you take a look at the authority a State or local entity has to implement traffic controls it is usually centered around safety and traffic management. In those kinds of statutory authority it is a clear violation of state statute to implement red lights to collect revenue and have no clear evidence that they were placed for the statutory reasons. It pisses me off to no end to see cities time traffic lights that impeded traffic because they are using the red lights to regulate speed. When their only statutory authority to installing the light was to "improve the flow" of traffic. We let them get away with rape.
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