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Seacat- No. I rather ride around with my buddies who are in law enforcement and disregard the law just as they do and when I get pulled over they just show their badge and on we go.

This kind of stuff reminds me of a time when a buddy of mine when I was young, around 19, was behind a police officer in his cruiser at a red light. The officer went through the light whilst everyone else had to stay put. There did not appear to be an emergency by the way. My buddy said, F THAT and drove through the red light also. He was pulled over by a very angry officer who chewed his ass and asked him why he went through the light. My buddy said, "Officer, when I saw you go through the light I figured since you did not have any lights or sirens going that the light must have turned green. I figured you of all people would never break the law". The officer just turned away and hopped in his car and sped away.

Can you say TYRANNY?
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