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Originally Posted by billinstuart View Post
Red light cameras? What's next? Your new car is already set up to notify the thought police of your every violation..speeding, seat belt misuse, reckless driving, even failure to signal for turns properly or turn your headlights on in the rain. Is this what YOU really want, seacat?

Dear Mr. Seacat: Enclosed please find numerous tickets for the date of July 22, 2011. It appears that your vehicle exceeded the speed limit on SR 520 for distances of 75', 450', and 23'. Also, upon arriving at the US1 exit, you failed to indicate your turn in a timely manner, turning on your turn indicator 15' too close to the exit.

Please remit $732.50 by 7/23/2011, or we will electronically deactivate your vehicle, lock you inside, and set the temperature control to 110 degrees.

While I don't condone running red lights, I really despise government intrusion into our private lives. The sheeple of the world say "what do you have to hide"?, as if THEY have the right to be judge, jury, and executioner of their fellow man.
Making quite a leap there aren't we?

A red light camera on a pole operated by my City has nothing at all in common with an onboard monitoring system.

What do you have to hide when it comes to running a red light? It is a public act on a public right of way in plain view of everyone. You have no expectation of privacy at all in that situation.

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