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Originally Posted by PROFINITY View Post
I don't speed. I obey the law. I have not had a ticket of any kind in years. I have no points on my DL.

This traffic camera crap is just that, crap. It is another form of taxation. Those who like this sort of thing are likely sucking off the taxpayers tit or a family member or friend is doing so.

I am aware of license plate scanners and believe they have a place, however, also believe they may be used as harassment. The reality for me is that I have known many police officers, some good and some bad people. These automated devices appear to breed complacency and laziness instead of good police work.

Regarding the request for a jury trial concerning these type of matters, this is a great idea if the court allowed for a jury trial for such a matter. I'm not sure the accused would be granted a jury trial in this instance. The reality is, the accused would need to hire representation. For many people this is a financial burden they can not afford. This in itself is a form of discrimination and to the average citizen an unfair and unbalanced society. Jefferson and the others who wrote our laws did NOT intend for the Justice system to operate in the manner it does today. They had a term for it and it is called tyranny. Any of you ever hear, "Better to let 10 guilty men go free than convict a single innocent man"? WTF happened to the presumption of innocence? Some of you are like the Gestapo. Just remember what their fate ultimately had become. You are not untouchable.
Just don't run red lights. Slow down a liitle. Be prepared to stop. Problem solved. No ticket.