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Originally Posted by JCM 1420 View Post
Seacat, how long will it take for you to catch on that this is not about any of us who feel we have the right to run redlights. Its simply a fact that redlight cameras abuse our constitutional rights.

With your logic, if someone is doing something wrong, who cares how you catch them, I mean we don't really need warrants to we, no let the police walk into YOUR house anytime they want and inspect for any ways in which you may be breaking the law.... It's an extreme but according to everything I've read that you have posted you feel this would be ok?

Someone asked if anyone had ever tried leaving a traffic stop, I routinely say "am I being detained or am I free to go" when the officer wants to start playing those cute little games. It might piss em off but gets the point across that you are at least somewhat informed of your rights and aren't willing to play along with their games.
What constitutional right do you have to run red lights?

No warrant is needed to take a photograph in a public place that proves a violation has occurred.
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