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Originally Posted by nmaz View Post
That is true, the cameras are run by private companies who get a cut of every ticket. The problem here in Florida is that they only take a pic of your plate, not the driver. When they send you the ticket, you can sign a affidavit saying you were not the driver. Unfortunately, in FL if you do not pay the ticket, the municipal citation becomes a state citation with a regular red light fine. ($263 + points) Here is the good news, (at least in south FL) if you fight the ticket in court, most traffic magistrates are dismissing them, because the burden of proof is still on the state to prove that you are driving, and there is nobody to testify on behalf of the state that you were driving, and in court, you certainly have the right to not self incriminate, and have your due process. (there are some advantages to living in liberal Broward County)

Now, I certainly don't condone running red lights, and if there is an officer there to write a ticket, I'm all for it. But this proliferation of big brother is getting out of hand. Would people feel the same if there were speed cameras every 5 miles from Ft. Laud to Orlando writing tickets for those who go 5 mph over the speed limit? How about if there were cameras on the light pole in front of your house that recorded your illegal lawn watering during these water restrictions. Sure, if a real person came by and observed the violation and issued a citation, I have no issues, but like I said, enough with the big brother already.

Red light cameras are about money not safety.
BS. They catch and deter red light runners. That saves lives and money. If local government picks up some funding in the deal, good. They won't need to raise my taxes as soon.

I could care less about the feelings of someone who blows through red lights. I see the a**holes here all the time. Its bad enough that you have to wait a few seconds after a green light to to let any red light runners blast through. Screw em. They can pay up or have their vehicles confiscated and sold as far I am concerned.