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Default neighbor issues.

Or more specifically the neighbors kids. So the renters next door seem to run a daycare service. Cars coming and going all day and night, lots of little kids, honking horns etc. Well these kids cant seem to stay out of my yard, and thats not really an issue. What IS an issue is these kids messing up my yard. The trow their trash in it, dig holes, move planter bricks around, make a mess, and of course never clean up their mess. Now these are all very young kids I would say the oldest is 12 or 13 the rest are 8 and below. I have tried to be Mr nice guy and I have just picked up after them and kicked their trash into their own yard but I'm getting tired of it. ******* ****deleted*********** or be a bad neighbor in return especially since I'm gone so much. Whats the best way to deal with this problem? I'm thinking about putting a fence along that side of the yard and hopefully the adult if there is one will get the idea and keep the kids in line, but I'm not holding out for that one...

What do you guys think?

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