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Originally Posted by Nitecapt View Post
Hi all,
After spending over 2K to purchase, have boat hauled and dual bronze structure scan transducers installed on my 35' keeled downeaster (one on each side of the keel), I have come to the conclusion that there is a problem with the transducers! I have been working with a very helpful tech support person at Navico who first sent me a transom mount ducer that I held over the side after attaching it to a gaff. Image was far better although not quite perfect since I suspect that holding it over the side was affecting its performance. I was also sent a new LSS1 which had no effect at all. It certainly is not he NSE 12.
So, after making this discovery over the weekend, I'll be back on the phone with tech support on Monday. The transducers by the way were mounted by an extremely well qualified installer about a foot away from the keel on either side, are joined with a "Y" cable before going into the LSS 1.

Has anyone ever had a problem like this? What did the company do about re-haul and re-installation costs?

I'll keep the members posted about Navico's efforts to resolve this issue. More than likely you are all interested in knowing.

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Did the tech confirm you have the correct software levels on the computerized parts of the systems? Is this a Simrad unit?