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Originally Posted by luketrot View Post
I am a professional photographer who owns both Canon and Nikon gear. This includes Nikon's D3s, D700 and Canon's 1DIV and 2 1DIII's. A great camera is nothing without great lenses and great lenses are WAY over your budget. With that said I would look at the Lumix GH1. It's a great entry level SLR that won't break your bank, takes amazing photos and is easy to travel with.
I second this. There are a lot of great options for the enthusiast photographer. A few year's back I got an olympus 4/3rds camera that I like alot. Now Olympus and Panasonic are offering micro 4/3rd cameras. They have interchangable lens like an SLR but have a smaller body because they don't have an actual Penta Prism. I think these are a great option because you can take some really nice photographs with a camera that has a much smaller body.

In the price range you are looking at I think you need to just got to a camera store and see which one you like the look and the feel of the best. The image quality of cameras from Nikon, Cannon, Pannasonic, Sony, Olympus, and Pentax are all similar in the entry level products.

Like some one else said check out dpreview

Some cameras to think about

Panasonic G10 $370.00

Panasonic GH1K $649