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Default When buying a transducer online.. do's and don'ts...

For anyone buying a new transducer online make sure to get it with an Airmar "Mix and Match" connector and cable if possible.

For anyone not familiar with a mix and match, the transducer is supplied with a 2 meter cable that has a Airmar connector that is not brand specific.Then adapter cables are available for each specific band of sonar manufacturer.
For example:
If you buy a Tm 260 transducer for a Lowrance you are shipped a TM260-BL.
It comes with the TM 260 transducer and and a separate brand specific cable to connect to the Lowrance sonar head.
Later if you change to another sonar..for example a Furuno ....you simply order a MM-10FUR cable..change and you are set.

That way if you ever change sonar manufactures in the future , it is just a simple cable change out for the new sonar whatever the manufacturer.
Or if you ever have connector problem.

This is the problem, if you are not aware of the Mix and Match you might be sent a transducer that is dedicated to only one specific manufacturer.

The B60 for a Garmin can be purchased online but many are only shipped with a dedicated Garmin plug.
If you later want to change your sonar to a Furuno or a Rayarine etc you need to cut and connect a new plug or change transducers. I have seen too many boats come to me with poorly soldered plugs...or plugs not wired correctly etc.
And if you are still in warranty..not a good idea.

But, an Airmar B60 , like almost all Airmar transducers, is available with a mix and match cable system..a much smarter purchase..at no extra cost.
And easy to change out to a different sonar system if the need arises.

Questions about any Airmar transducer feel free to PM me.

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