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Bought mine a few years ago, and so far VERY happy. I HIGHLY suggest paying the money to get a marine survey. Mine was 18 pages long and went over every detail. I know that the Opti's from that time frame can be problematic, but so far I am very happy. I paid on the lower end of the price range at the time, and had to replace a few odds and ends, from what I can remember; the horn, the carbon monoxide detector, and the stero head unit. Mine also had the original electronics, just cost me $2500+ to update.(HDS-8, LWX-1, LGC-4000, sonichub) next year radar and the latest/greatest bottom finder. I am slightly OCD about th boat, so if you want a dissertation, PM me and I will reply. One suggestion, if you plan on trailering it, get the triple axel and a 2500/250 or better. 1500 6.2 liter AWD still skidded on a slick boat ramp every now and then, and the 250 diesel is night and day. Realize it is 6200lbs of boat, almost 1000lbs of outboards, 1200lbs trailer, and that is before gas/water/fishing and cruising gear. Figure full tanks(almost 200 gal), water and geared to go very easy to get over 9000lbs approaching 10000.