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Originally Posted by Flot View Post
Anyone else got a built in tank?

I left room for a 150 gal built in tank when I did my kitchen remodel. Rear and one side would be inaccessible, could do a "window" style or a "corner" style. I think I was planning on a tank 6' wide by 24" tall.

Unfortunately, while I think it would look great - I've chickened out on actually building the thing. I'm really not missing the maintenance of my old 55 gallon tank one bit, and while I like the idea a lot, there is something about built in "window" style tanks that never seems quite right to me.

Open to suggestions for low maintance salt ideas as well... I was actually thinking about a seahorse (or even Jellyfish) tank, but just as high maint in different ways.

Flot, you should look here LOTS of great ideas including Jellyfish tanks and in wall/ window tanks. Since your in Pompano you should look at the FMAS site Go to forums home on the main menu and then into reef club forums at the bottom of the page then into Southeast Region. Guys are always selling stuff there.