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I opened a PO box last month at the Post Office down the street from my office. I went in this morning to check it for the first time. Key got stuck in the lock and it took me 2 min and a lot of strength to get it back out. Knocked on the door where you would pick up a package and the lady at the counter yells you have to wait in line with everybody else..... So 15 min later I finally get up to the only station at the counter that is open(there are 4 people walking back and forth behind her doing who knows what).

She looks puzzled takes the key and walks to the back. 5 min later she walks thru the door and she tries the key and also a extra one she brought out. Neither work. Says she wll have to put in a work order to get it fixed. OK great how about giving me my mail while I wait who knows how long before it gets fixed... She says I can't pass mail over the counter you need to use your key to get it out of the box. Post office regulations! after 2 minute arguement I realize Im not going to get anywhere I just leave...WTF!!!!!!!

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