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Originally Posted by aln View Post
It's still the easiest cheapest way to send a package
Provided you can get there.

The local tiny Post Office by my house is open 9:00-4:00. The larger office in the next town over is open 8:30 to 4:30. That's fine for local businesses and retirees, but I need to be on a train in the morning at 8:20, and get home no earlier than 6pm. If I want to send a package, I have to either wait until Saturday, when I can go in the morning, or I have to carry my package on the train to work, where I can take time out of my work schedule to go to the 'main' branch down the street from there. Once I get there, I'd be lucky if they weren't out of the boxes and labels I need to send my package. Two weeks ago, I even tried ordering the Priority Mail / Fixed Price boxes from the USPS web site so I could pack stuff up at home, and the web site was SOLD OUT!

The local FedEx/Kinko and UPS offices, on the other hand, are open early in the morning and until at least around 8pm. Screw the PO, I'll pay the extra $1 to ship something via FedEx or UPS just for the convienience of it.

On a side note, the town gives the Post Office employees (of which there can't be more than 5-6) a whole block to park during the week, spots which otherwise could be used by residents getting on the train at the station down the street. If I have the day off during the week and drive down this street, there are 2 cars parked there... (Note - nobody gives me free parking near where I work. If I was to drive to work, I would have to pay over $230/mo to park near my office.)

So, I say screw 'em....
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