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Originally Posted by Mr. Demeanor View Post
We recently lost a 7 year old Flame Hawkfish so I must be doing something right. Very cool fish with a lot of personality if you have never had one. He obviously may have been older. Now idea how old they are when you get em from the fish mill
I also have a fairly large Hermit Crab now that I dont have anyone that will eat him. He does an amazing job of turning over the sand. He moves along like a rototiller sifting through the sand and cleaning. When I first introduced him, the tank would get cloudy when he was working but now that has all been filtered out. My water quality has improved.
Funny you mentioned the hermit crab, one time after fishing I had about 6 live shrimp left over so i threw them into my tank. for about 2-3 every night my tank would be super cloudy, but then after that it stayed so clean I was amazed.... great cleaners.