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I had a trip similar to what RCook discribes. last june i went out near homer and fished on a private boat. we used diamond jigs tipped with a bit of herring on 50 lb braid and I was catching 15-20 pounders as fast as i could drop a jig in. the guy who took me out just watched me having a blast and tossed the better fish (those that went 25-40 pounds) into the kill box, after we had limits i kept on fishing c&r until the current picked up too much. I probably caught 40-50 buts each day we went out.

the jig size depends on the current, near the slack tide i was using 3.5 ounce, when the current was ripping i used a 10 ounce, and the bites came slower, i had to actually jig the rod for almost a minute once. . .

might go back in may since there are some good airfares out there right now. I will take the same gear, and a fresh supply of diamond jigs.

the biggest i got was 38.5 pounds, but I am sure i could have handled a fish of around 100 on the gear I was using.

good luck

PS: just so no one can call BS: