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Started making my own cocrete weights for daytime swordfishing a couple weeks ago. Used them for the first time last weekend and they worked great. got a 150 pounder. The weights seemed to get down to the bottom really easily, and the concrete seemed to hold down deep better than some things that I've tried like brick. The weights that I have been making have a 17" height and a 4" diameter. That comes out to about 15.5lbs which is the weight I need. I was able to get a pretty accurate estimation of what dimentions to use for the weights using the average density on concrete. I just use a PVC mold for the weights. Since PVC is less dense than concrete it makes sense to reuse the molds and not leave them on the weight so as to get the most dense weight possible. Copper wire works well for the eye of the weight. Sorry the picture is not the best but hope it helps. Pretty darn cheep to make after you get it down
Do you oil the molds before pouring the concrete?