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Originally Posted by lemaymiami View Post
Membership in the IGFA costs about $40 a year... No, you don't have to be a member to submit a record application... But without a membership, how would you know whether a given fish is larger than an existing record in that line class? How would you know how to submit that application and whether the rules (which are pretty specific about tackle and what you can and can't do if you're going to qualify) were followed from hookup to boatside? The most valuable thing that comes with that annual membership (to me ) is the annual record book that is THE bible for those that chase records.

Anyone that thinks that "it should be free" is kidding themselves. I can remember when the IGFA was a much smaller outfit with a heckuva lot less overhead, but that's just not the case today.
Actually, you do. The $40 review fee becomes a membership fee if you're not a member. My son is a current smallfry recordholder and we had to up to a family membership when his application went in.

As to freedom of information- that's just nutty, the FOI act applies to public information. Records maintained by the IGFA aren't public, they're private.

The records are the IGFA's "carrot" that they use to get you to join and what makes people pony up the money that they use for all of their programs.

I'm not saying everyone has to join, but looking at what I spend on fishing every year bitching about $40 for something so worthwhile is just not intellectually honest. I blow $250 every year on lures I lose before putting them in the boat.

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