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Originally Posted by mcsea47 View Post
LR I'm not sure I understand your question, but yes a bent butt in a vertical holder will give you about the same angle as a straight butt in a 30 holder,- but for one direction only. The whole purpose of the swivel is to let you keep the rod aimed at the fish as it runs. If the fish takes your bait from an outrigger, for example, the rod tip will swivel to aim at the fish and it will continue to track him, rather than having the line pull sideways on the rod tip. With a swivel holder you can also track parallel to a big fish in your boat and retrieve line a lot faster. If you have one mounted in or near the bow you can let the fish tow the boat and swing the rod through an arc of 270 if necessary. All this works best with a vertical rod holder. Likewise the rod and reel are in a better position for the angler to fight a fish out of the holder with a vertical. You can stand straight and apply more pressure. If you had a 30 degree swivel holder the reel is out over the side of the boat and you'll be straining your back a lot more to fight a big fish. Also you'll get some awkward angles with a 30 swivel holder. The bent butt rod would be almost horizontal when the rod is aimed in the same direction as holder. Conversely the rod will have you leaning over if it swivel at 90 degrees from the direction the 30 points. By the way, the point is pretty much moot if you are not planning on using heavy bent butt gear gear (80-130#) on big fish. I wouldn't waste my time and money on swivel holders if I didn't expect to a fight a big fish out of the holder.
You pretty much answered my question there mcsea. Just wondering the differences between a 30 and a 0 degree just like rrboucher. Not trying to take this topic away from him but have been looking for similiar ideas. I am planning on fishing a tiagra 80 with a #16 planer on a bridle system for wahoo. Appreciate your help.