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Originally Posted by ANGLER'S ENVY View Post
I feel I need to step up and clarify. When having discussions with BlackfinMike, My comment was that for stand up Tuna rods WITH rollers, I asked him to stay away from the Seeker blanks. They have a faster action in the tip that in my experience does not perform well with aftco roller guides as the aftco rollers do not want to bend and flex as much as the blank does. I have seen a few come back with wrap separation and in watching the rod perform, saw that the blank actually had "different" looking bend with the Aftco HD rollers. I have nothing against Seekers as the spiral wrapped rods in the picture above are in fact Project X blanks.

Both of you are correct in your comments. Mike, that I said no Seekers for standups (Its just my opinion and as a builder, if I am going to warranty my work, that is my prerogative) and Threelittlefish that more slobs have been caught on Calstar and Seeker than any other rod company!!


You are 100% right on the action - fast tip blanks don't work well with roller guides, especially the Aftco Wind-Ons and Big Foots. I am partial to the more moderate Calstar (3-digit models) blanks for all my stand-up roller guide rods.

Most better manufacturers (and Ugly Stick) make rods the same for many years so that people don't accumulate a lot of orphans. That being said, many/most custom rods were built with Gudebrod thread (which was top quality), which went under in early 2010, so matching older rods, even custom, may no longer be possible.
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