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Originally Posted by joemat View Post
I am getting my feet wet in Kite Fishing. Would I be better to go with a Penn 113H and adding an Elec-tra-Mate or just going with a Kristal XL601 ?? Any pros or cons?

The Kristal has alot of maintenance and belt issues from what I heard. The Penn 114 AND 113 on an electramate, if bought new will run you about $100 to $200 less then the Daiwa Tanancom Bull with manual crank. I would bite the bullet and spend the extra money to have the manual crank feature on the Daiwa and it is a better setup then the Penn/Electramate. But, that assumes that you are buying new on the Penn/Electramate. You will save alot more on the Penn's and Electramate on here, craigslist, or CheapBay.