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Originally Posted by gtrfred View Post
personally for kite fishing, i would not own an electric kite reel that did not also have the ability to manually crank.

i have had issues on numerous boats where we lost power for a bit or need to reel in a kite that was dumped in the water. when this happens, the ability to reel in at manual is a great feature. it also helps for rigging the reel at home.

if you are just starting out, i would suggest getting the manual penn reel. then after you realize that electrics are a great addition, you can upgrade and get a dolphin electric add on, that is bolted on to the reel and still gives you the manual cranking.

the diawa electrics are great and have the handle and krystal now offers a reel with a manual option.

the diawa's seem to be the reel of choice, but the intitial investmetn is $800. at the end of the day the dolphin is about the same price, but you can start with a plain reel and then upgrade to the electric, dividing the payment up once you decide if its a type of fishing you will do often.
Thanks. Any preference for the penn 113's to the 114's??
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