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Default Power pro spectra braided 40 lb

I have lost more fish on this 40 lb Power Pro Spectra red line than I care to admit. I intially spooled all nine of my trolling/downrigger rods last spring. I followed all the manufacturers suggestions with leaders and pre spooling with mono at the core. After loosing so many fish I double checked verything and reduced the drag on my reels. finally I did some breaking strength test with a fish scale. Well, one of my 1500 yd spools that had line on it broke at 12 lbs! The other spool with new line on it yet broke at 24 lbs tension.

So, now I call Power Pro who is Shimano and they tell me I am the only one that they have heard of with this problem. But, they tell me to send in the spools with what is left and they will take a look. Two weeks later I get one spool and a day later another spool. One spool from S Carolina and the other from California. I test these two and the one from SC breaks at 12 lbs and the one from Cal breaks at 24 lbs again.

I call back and they can not believe that so, they are sending me a return label.

I really question the quality control at Power Pro Shimano factory called Innovative Textiles. After looking around the internet I find another thread at with similar problems.

I pulled off all this braided and went back to 25 lb mono for trolling. I landed a 24 lb Barracuda the other day with no problem. I know if the braided would have been on I would have lost him.

Anyone having similar problems? Or, has anyone tested their braided line with a fish scale. I have checked my other spin cast rod 15 lb (other manufacturer) braided lines and they break very close to their rated value except for some Berkley floro 30lb that broke at 14lb.

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