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That depends on the mono topshot. 50lb, 80lb etc

Consider this.
80lb hollow JB is .018
80lb Boat braid is slightly smaller at .017
not 100% sure but i think 70lb boat braid is .016

A Tiagra 50w will hold 1300 yards of 80 JB hollow line one (@.018) with minmal 30ft topshot.
That said, I would think you could get 900 to 1000 yards of 70lb boat braid on a 50 wide Tiagra with room for a 300 yard topshot of 50 mono.

Also consider with Diawa Boat Braid i believe the # test on the package is it's actual breaking strength or very close to it. Unlike some of the other braided lines like JB which test out much higher then the pound test raiting on the package.
If you used your 70 BB with a 80 lb mono topshot your braid will likely break before your mono topshot.