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Originally Posted by fishinmaniac View Post
Haven't broken mine yet, just had a ~8ft shark on this past october and if that reel was going to break then it would have been on that fish. 1+ hour at high drag settings with multiple strong runs, I'm amazed it didn't break actually. That reel has caught more grouper than I can count, going on 7 years old now. Penn 330 gti.

A lot of this is perspective.
The "max" drag that a 330 will put out is only 16 pounds.
The poster who mentioned the usual way that the line gets "off-synch" was exactly correct, and a little extra effort in re-synching it can help a lot.
However, you can really just look at every "True" big-game reel from every manufacturer.
They don't leave off the level-wind mechanism because of price [ha-ha], or weight, and they didn't just forget.
It's a major liability in tough fights with big fish.
Exactly where the fine line between convenience and disadvantage lies is sometimes tricky.
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