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Originally Posted by doughnut View Post
they usually break when you are fishing very high drag settings du to the side load on the traveler.
Verrry interesting. As a matter of fact my 320's and 330's are all for trolling where I tend to have a lighter drag setting than the 113's and 114's I use for bottom stuff.

Originally Posted by Tunanorth
ALL level winds from ALL brands [if sold in the US] have a PLASTIC drive gear for the mechanism [usually in the left sideplate].
It is an engineered weak point, designed to fail on purpose if you get your finger caught in it.
When fishing for moderate-size fish [such as salmon], or even large fish like sturgeon that are slow, its not a huge issue.
Also, even with mono, but especially with braid, if the line gets "off synch" with the mechanism, and a fish is running under heavy drag with the line reaching all the way across the spool, it can also lead to failure.
That's the reason "True" big-game reels never have a levelwind.
Another disadvantage is when casting either max distances, or with delicate live baits, a levelwind can be a hindrance [a little OT].
Excellent points to know.
I don't know how these reels get off-synch but I've seen it. My guess is that line is cut at one point and the reel continues for a few rotations moving the guide over. Then when the line is re-rigged it's offset from the guide. Only on used reels I've bought or another angler's reels have I seen it. I make sure my line and guides are aligned when rigging.