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On older cars such as this the one thing you have to understand is most banks won't finance a vehicle this old. So you are down to cash buyers. Which in turn limits you to cash buyers who want this particular model. I would look on Ebay, car trader and other publications that have these older vehicles for sale. On Ebay if they have a good sampling of your product you can figure out between the stupid high and the way to low some type of selling price. The engine on these vehicles really does not matter to the person who is going to make a hot rod out of it. They will stuff their own engine in there. But this is NOT the buyer you are looking for they are looking at cheap so they can afford to re power and re manufacture the car to what they want.

There is a saying one man's junk is another jewel but these cars are going to have mellow another 10 to 15 years before they would become more of a collectors car. So that market is out unless you want to hold on tho the car. Which if you have the space and ability to store it so it won't deteriorate would be another option.

Since I am in the business and I don't want to let Old Pete down how much you want for the sled?