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Default Military guys deploying in the morning

So me and the family are at dinner tonight, and I notice a table of about 7 military guys sitting behind us. So I tell the waiter to bring me their check.

One of the military guys come over to tell me thanks, and that I didn't need to pay for their meal.

then we are talking and he tells us they are deploying in the morning. To Iraq?

I say WTF, tomorrow 2 days before Christmas, and he says yes it is their 6 month rotation.

So I go over to the table and all of the guys are shaking my hand thanking me for dinner, and I telling them, I am blown away.

I get to go home and hang out with my family and go skiing this weekend and these guys are going to war!

Damn it, I was seriously affected by thinking about what they have to do in the morning.

If you are near a city where there are guys fighting these wars, find a way to help, especially the wives left behind to try and get along without their husbands.

And thanks to you military guys for what you do for us!!!!