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Been 40 years in the secutity system/video surveillance business here in Delaware, aznd can say that the advice you got here is good. Camera prices have dropped over the years, but you still need to 'spend the money' for a camera to do what you are asking.

You could go to BJ's, Sams Club or Costco, and buy their 8 or 16 camera/DVR package, and have reasonable video surveillance on the cheap. If you want pro-quality, you really need to ramp it up, and spend 5 times as much.

That being said, excellent bang-for-the-buck, pro quality equipment can be found in Speco cameras and recorders. I also have installed a handful of DigiMerge DVR's, and they are very easy to set up, and use the latest video compression algorithyms, for best image record quality. The DigiMerge supports DDNS remote viewing, and can also be viewed on an iPhone. Others may offer the same, but check into it. If not, you can still use a DNS re-naming/hosting service.

So, you need to determine what your budget is, your technical capability, wiring, etc., and proceed from there.