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all air cooled commercial ice makers have a yield rating for the recommended operating temps. If the ambient air temp is very warm, ice production will be less than ideal and your garage should be large enough to prevent the possibility of short cycling.

Typical under counter units like modular heads can make various ice shapes, you need to choose what shape and size you want. They also can make more than enough ice for your needs (150-300#/day)--just choose a decent size bin (usually 150# max for an undercounter model. Under counter models will be the least expensive as you will not have to buy the bin (new units range from $1500-2200). I'd personally avoid used refrigeration equipment of any kind.

IMO simpler is better and Ice-o-matic is as simple as it gets which makes them easier to maintain too. Relative recently most brands have gone to "filterless" heads which is a pile or crap. All air cooled units should have an air filter or you'll be blowing them out and seeing dropped performance more than you'd like. Send me an email and i'll describe what i did for a filter for my new "filterless" ice machine.

Having an ice machine for fishing is the bomb, careful you fellow boat/fishermen don't get wind and be knocking on your door early sat mornings ;>

Lastly, yes, avoid home ice makers, you want moving water over elements for making ice. Will yield "clear" ice and not cloudy starburst crap and quality of ice purity will be far superior as only pure water will freeze and stick to the elements and heavier impurities be left in the drip pan (which needs to be periodically cleaned).