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Originally Posted by bamaboy473 View Post
Your question begs the forum that's being discussed. Forums like Boating or Trucks/Trailers probably elicit informational responses that are close to what a person would do in a work-place environment.

Discussions in the Dockside or Bilge or Sand Bar are for our alter-egos...the Walter Mitty personalities that we would like to have. The difference is in whether we're comfortable in our own we change just a little from our normal selves, or do we change a lot?
I guess this goes to heart of my question. Menzie certaintly had plenty of decent posts and threads. Some funny, some informational but his so called ''alter ego'' was so disruptive outside of the bilge that it begs to wonder if this is how he is in ''real'' life.

I had a stepfather for eight years of my life from age 8 to 16. This guy would go to a party or social event and inevitably get into an argument over religion or politics. He was a social outcast in our own neighborhood because of this.

He was an otherwise great guy but a real douche in a social gathering.

If a hundred people out of 110 think or say your an azzhole it maybe time to look in the mirror and change your ways.