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My experience with Kel-Tec has been excellent....the gun, I've had no dealings with the factory. Having heard the snobbish remarks about them being the gun of last choice, cheap, not to be depended on, spend money you don't have to buy a gun you don't need,etc. I stuck my neck out and bought the compact 9mm. The more it's used the better it gets as it wears in. I loaded it with a random mix of hollow points, ball, +P, various bullet weights, all in an attempt to make it fail. Not one failure. Every round fed, fired and ejected perfectly. Now on my old SW compact SS 45, I would get a few stovepipes in a day of shooting. Even my little 22 auto will jam once in a while, so this Kel-Tec is the first to not jam. Will it ever? Sure, they all will at some point, but I feel it's not a chronic issue with this gun. This is just my opinion, based on my personal experience. Your mileage may vary.