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Lobster & crab done anyway I can get it into my mouth. > But my fav. is nuked.

Squid sandwiches on toasted 17 grain brown bread for lunch will have me stopping every time. > >

Fried Grayling Trout scrambled up golden brown to look like wild grain rice. The fish has to be fyied in a cast iron frying pan and real strips of beef fat is used instead of butter. > >

Fresh seal meat is to die for! >

I haven't found a fish I don't like to eat, but Artic Char done on the BBQ w/ lime, red onions, green & red peppers w/ taters takes the cake!

Spinach & shark salad w/ oil.

Sure can't turn down a heaping 12" ss bowl of either Chef salad or Cesar salad w/ bruschetta toast on the side washed down with an ice cold Corona w/ no fruit.

Pretty much any fresh picked vegie steamed just enough to lightly soften has me a very happy camper.

Cowboy steaks or a number of other top cut steaks works for me, especially the way the Misses does them up for me. But I'd trade them in everyday of the week for Buffalo or venison steaks!

Bacon & egg sandwiches w/ onion and cheese on 17 grain toast is a big time fav. of mine. >

Toasted cucumber sandwiches on 17 grain bread. >

My mom's raisin tarts and raisin pie. >

Regular old Popcorn has a fish hook in my mouth any time I smell it.

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