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Default RE: Garmin 2006/3006C and Ray C80

I played with the 2006C on a friend's 22 footer for a day or two. I also looked at the Furuno GP1850WF/NT because I too am shopping electronics for a new 22 footer.

The 2006C blue chart impressed me. My friend did a 1200 mile cruise up to Alaska using it and he swears by it. The black box sounder was more than adequate.

The Furuno 1850's black box sounder was, well, Furuno quality. The NT charts were more than adequate.

Bottom line? I fish more than I cruise. The 1850WF/NT is my current choice and may yet be the final choice.

I've never been impressed with RayMarine in the past. Though I've seen their screen and it's definitely bright, it would take some work by non-marketeer type actual users to convince me that their sounder is significantly better than the Furuno. More to the point, they would also have to convince me that performance is worth the price difference, given that we're discussing a 21 or 22 foot single station boat, not a battlewagon.

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