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Default Garmin 2006/3006C and Ray C80

If anyone runs the 2006C unit with the GSD20 sonar unit would you mind offering some feedback? What do you honestly think of the unit? ease of use etc?
I am going to purchase a GPS/FF and I'm debating about the 2006C/3006C with sounder or the Raymarine C80 with their 250 sounder. I understand that the Ray software issue has been solved and the unit is great from what I've read.
I have been told by a sales rep that the screen on the 3006 is crisper than the 2006C..comments appreciated. Lots of mixed messages. This unit will be installed in a 21 BW Outrage. To fit in the electronic box the 2006/3006C or the Ray C80 will fit fine. Thoughts....comments. Thanks in advance
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