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Default RE: Thom...right again!

If I am not catching fish, I move to likely areas and look at the fish finder off and on to spot fish. Then I cruise around this area seeing if more arches show doing my little lure dance and if they don't bite, I mark it in the gps and move on. If I see more arches in one area, and still haven't got a bite, I still know where the best area is to go and I go back to see if they are hungry yet.
As I move around, and they move around, you get a pretty good idea if there are a lot fish, or just a few, as the signal is really more about when and where as opposed to a video representation on my little Garmin 240Blue. If I have them spotted, and want more detail, I zoom in and limit the amount of water column and let my limited amount of pixels go to work in more detail.
But if the fish finder just tells me there are a bunch of fish down there, this its done its job, and its time to bring in those trolling lures of no interest, and break out the chunk, untill the mighty tide rings that dinner bell again, and its time to again hook em and fight them on top.

I was the guy that started this off a way back when, and was given a link to some Eagle Information, that contrary to my belief, said that if I didn't have enough pixels at depth, then I would only see the real whoppers. So I thank both SeaDad and Thom for getting me back on track, so that when I see a few arches, however undetailed, it will still bring my pressure up and get me exited after all these years.

Thanks for your help
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