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Default RE: Thom...right again!

Mumblerone - 7/19/2004 10:51 AM

Sea_Dad...I think what Thom was saying is that there is no more information; just a 'prettier' PICTURE. I think that is what Garmin is saying also. Maybe I got it wrong; did not re-review Thom's post.
You got it. The picture will be clearer, but the same info will be displayed. Think of it in terms of your computer screen. If you have a 15" monitor set to 640 x 480 dots per inch and you view this thread, you can read and see everything just fine. Then switch your monitor to 1020x720 dots per inch and view the same thread. You can still read the same info, but it will be clearer, easier to read. The letters will be crisper as opposed to them being jagged.... but the lettter F will be the letter F on both settings. Same goes for the FF, a fish return will be a blip on both, but the one with a higher resolution will look clearer.
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