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never been much of one to hit the panic alarm but this is pretty close to home for me. in my background i commercially crabfish here in southeast louisiana and i also work in a laboratory setting. in my indecision in college i first tracked through wildlife and fisheries before i decided to do something with medical science. crabfishing is what i tell everyone i really want to do, the science just give me benefits. well, i do believe BP played the cards exactly how anyone would have played in order to lessen the impact and to self persevere. the use of the dispersant is very much a calculated measure. they repeatedly over-used what the coast guard allowed and then the coast guard repeatedly turned their head(money?). in my analytical way of thinking, the breakdown products are what we will need to evaluate. things bio-accumulate and we just don't really know what will happen. it might actually dissapate, but 10 years from now, we might find out some molecular breakdown product is leading to some amino acid deficiency causing kidney failure in a statistically significant portion of the population that eat raw oyster, or crab meat, or tuna etc. just think, we really didn't stop using leaded products until the recent past. we really aren't as smart as we'd like to think about chemical and molecular dynamics when they involve biological function. so, i'm not going to panic. i'm still going to eat seafood, but it does make me think that there may be something in it that wasn't there before. i still support the drilling. heck, i need the dang gas to run my boat to check the traps i raise. i'd rather it come from US oil. i don't think BP should be able to stretch out the litigations over many years. many good people, hard working fisherman, oilmen, family businesses, are on the ropes because BP and they really need to resolve this sooner than later. i read just the other day that the fienberg account hasn't even received funding yet. it really would surprise me if BP does a 360 on that. IMO.