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I spent 3 weeks last month running out of Venice to look for and rescue oiled sea turtles from 20-60 miles offshore. We were looking for weedlines, rips, and other convergence zones where these small pelagic phase turtles congregate. The same forces that cause the weedlines to form up also concentrate oil in the same places.

You have all seen offshore weedlines - they teem with life - crabs, shrimp, small fish, birds overhead, etc. Well these weedlines were lifeless - everything was gone, just gooey sagassum and not much else except dead and dying fish. Basically the oil has kicked the base out from under the pelagic food chain, and I have to think that is going to have a long lasting impact. Lord only knows what is going on with the benthic habitats down on the bottom, but I bet it's not good eithier.