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Default HUH? real or scam?

i was riding my bike from new hampshire to florida for breast cancer but my trailer on my bike broke on me in branford conneticut and im stranded here. so im posting this to see anyone would like to help me out with a sail boat and help me get down there. i love the ocean and would like all the help i can get. im sorry all i have to my name is my BMX bike and trailer and ive gone 219 miles already on it. i am also willing to work for the sailboat, dont need to pay me ill just work till you say im all set. i want to leave in spring hopefully. just hopeing there is a kind soul out there that can help me out. you can contact me at thank you for your time and god bless you all. i also need a couple of other things too for my trip. i need a radar for the sail boat and a gps. anything that you all think i need that would help me out on my trip. im planning on sailing to florida, california and to hawaii and back again and im trying to raise awarness for breast cancer. im just one guy with a bone dissess called leg perthis where when i was born my bones in my hips were deterating and well im just want to do this to help other people out. if i can do this they can put more effort into a cure or something for breast cancer.

your friend kenny