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Default 17' Crestliner Viking Restore

Finally after a couple of month of knowing i would be getting this boat from my father-in-law..I'll finally be picking it up today. See the images. I'll be working over time to restore it to a point where it looks and runs good. This will be my first boat and boat project. I'll take all the advice i can get. I'm not really trying to restore it to original condition. But to a point where its a fun cruising/fishing boat for myself, wife and son.

I know the 60hp runs, i just need to pick up a batt. But the first think i will be tackling is removing all the rotted/weathered wood (floor/transom), gutt the whole thing. Once removed i plan to work to get the aluminum hull in shape. I'll be removing all the paint, and deciding where to go from there. I've considered polishing/mirror finish the bare aluminum bottom, but painting the interior and bow. (thoughts?)

It a riveted hull so, i'll have to check for any leaks. I'm looking for the best way to do this. (thought?)

Being in Central FL, this boat will only really ever be in freshwater rivers and lakes.
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