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Originally Posted by FloridaDan View Post
So if etecs are better than 4S's tell me how many salt water fishing boat manufacturers install them exclusively ? NONE !!!

At last count 22 boat manufacturers use 4S's exlusively ( with a rare Mercury Optimax to be fair ).

If you've got a problem with that reality then go argue with the market and tell them how you, and all your "experience", knows better and they've got it all wrong.
Did I say Etecs were better than 4strokes in that post?????? You already got banned for this once.....let's go again, shall we?

My point is, there are issues with all brands, certain models and years that should either be avoided, or checked...if ANYONE is buying a used boat, should they not try to find out what weaknesses an engine may have, so that it can be checked......??

The issue was not which engine was better, the issue was what should he look out for buying a used boat/motor.....The F225 is a very popular engine, per your last post.....some users of this board are having a very expensive problem with that engine that is consistent between quite a few users.....should the op not be told he should check for this?....All you are concerned about is bashing products, you are a where did I say etecs were better, If you had more real world experience in boating, you would not try to push an agenda over someone who is simply trying to get honest REAL WORLD advice.....why don't you go grow up for a while and then come back.