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Originally Posted by 34pro View Post
I have owned a company for sometime now. I don't know what you have started but the best way to keep it running smoothly is to have your hands in it. All the way up to your elbows. Yes I have more time off now than I did before but the phone never stops ringing and the stress level is imminence.
At some point you have to put the right people in place to make good decisions on your behalf, and motivate them by making them stake holders in the company. I now have 2 partners with some ownership in the company and they have done much to lower my stress.

I have no illusions I won't be involved daily (hourly) anytime in the near future, but the mark of a good manager is when things continue to run smoothly if you step away... My role should be business development and strategic direction, not day to day running of the business
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