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Successful is too broad. Do you mean successful at your job? Financially successful? Before you can deem success, you need to qualify it with a goal. If your goal is not die before age 55, any AARP members would be considered successful. If your goal is to raise a family, anyone with kids is successful. If your goal is to be in the top 1% of wage earners in the country, that can be measured as well.

If your goal is to raise a good family, be financially sound, have a few toys, and overall be happy, I'd say you were successful on all counts.

We all have regrets. I wish I had asked out Danielle when I was 14 - it turns out she liked me. I wish I hadn't gotten drunk when I went on a date with Nicola - she was above my pay grade and I was a bit nervous. I wish I had gone to the Coast Guard Academy instead of the Naval Academy. I was accepted to both but the Naval Academy wasn't a good fit and I left after the first year.

What if I made different choices? If I went with some other girl I wouldn't have the wonderful wife & daughter I now have. If I had gone to the Coast Guard, maybe I would have stayed in but then wouldn't be making the money I do now.

As long as I don't kill anyone or do anything to cause me to die a bitter man, I will call it a success.
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