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Originally Posted by pappastratos View Post
That is a tough one, some of these "sucessful-other half" people have a home life that is hell.
Is sucess having good children that have normal jobs ?
A daughter that is not a stripper ?
A son that is not a drug dealer ?
A wife that is faithful ?
Not being evicted from your home ?
I have struggled with the same thing. I am about to be 50 & feel like a failure in a lot of things.

I think we all have a fear of failure. I'm just 31 and often ask whether or not I should stay in my current career path, or choose something different? If I wait too much longer, it will be too late.

Personal success = loving wife, well-mannered children, strong faith in God, and the ability to be truthful.

Financial success? is having a 26,000sqft home, a mega yacht, and millions in stocks and bonds successful? sure, but can the same be said of the one with the 1600sqft home, a 20ft bowrider, and a 401K? He isn't on public assistance, he doesn't struggle to pay his bills, and he won't have to work his entire life.