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Originally Posted by mronzo View Post
I think success is being secure enough with who you are to not
be worried about what others think! As far a jobs and possessions,
this too has to do with how secure you are with yourself!
I've met plenty of exec types who made tons of $$ but were far from happy....
Then there's the woman who serves lunches to the kids in the public schools,
not making a whole lot of $$$ but serves with a smile everyday! To me this woman
is a success!
I would say more just being happy. I am personally under more stress right now than at any other point in my life (started the joy of business ownership last year), however it has certainly shaken the boringness out of life... and I'm doing the same sort of work. That being said, success for me will be when this company runs itself and I just wander the earth exploring whatever tickles my fancy